Do you know which book Thirst is based on? Yes? Ok, but what came before Thérèse Raquin?

A woman is seen standing behind a man in a kitchen. They are both staring in the same direction.

I recently talked about the cemetery we carry. Meaning that, as we travel through life and through time, we have to accept the vanishing of our past. Most of the time, this is symbolized by the loss of relatives, but it can also be said of fiction we consumed, stories…

Never heard of this French giallo with its awesome retrowave soundtrack made by Double Dragon?

Close up of an eye picking through an ajar door. The whole picture is red.

François Gaillard must have been around twelve when he picked up this issue of L’heure des Sorcières. It was the raging 80s, here, in France. Meaning a lot of comic books anthologies such as this were released every week in newspaper kiosks. I didn’t know about this particular one until…

Did you know this Mexican writer lived through two civil wars?

Black and white photograph of Juan Rulfo sitting in front of a stone cross.

I always discover writers from Latin America through weird chains of event. Juan Rulfo, for instance, I discovered through my uncle’s passing. This a paper about what you can get out of a relative’s death, I guess. One more.

Thematically, it fits, though. For Juan Rulfo was born in 1917…

An exercise in 100 words horror.

Picture a cancer in a larynx. Resembles a big red circle across an ocre background.
Courtesy of Wikimedia

*cough cough*

“Can anybody shut him up?” Asked Letterman angrily.

Wesker looked at his boss then slowly to his sickly associate. All around, the tunnel contracted and dilated and glistened in an eerie manner as would the entrails of some mastodon.

“Imma check on him,” sighed the doctor while closing in on the chocking man. “Can you open your mouth, Boris?”

Armed with only his flashlight, which made grotesque shadows dance over the cavern walls, Wesker peered in his companion’s larynx. Gasped. There, surrounded by teeth and saliva, climbed a blind naked man.

It blankly stared at Wesker and howled.

There is no doubt death is a powerful experience to any human being, but what about bands? How do bands deal with death?

Photograph of a cematary in Autumn
Courtesy of Hemant Arya

On the 18th of May 2017, Chris Cornell lead singer of Sound Garden would commit suicide right after a concert. His death would prove the downfall of the band but would have more obscure consequences. …

Since Scream Factory just released a 4K version of the Christophe Gans’ blockbuster, I thought it was time for this paper.

Poster of Brotherhood of the Wolves. Samuel Le Bihan and Marc Dacascos are both covered with high leather neck and hat.

Richard Granpierre isn’t at ease on this 31st of January 2001. For more than three years now, he’s been the producer on Brotherhood of the Wolves, a French blockbuster that ran late, in which investors sank a lot of money. Today’s the release date, if Granpierre is touring Paris on…

This is how I started Life Space.

A computer and a notebook on grey table.
Courtesy of Marko Milivojevic

Recently a colleague of mine told me: It pains me to see you working here. This acquaintance had just read a novella of mine, thought I had some talent. …

This short story was written for a submission call, t’was rejected twice. Hope you like it nonetheless.

The first time I noticed Samson was growing horns, he was in the bathroom, gazing at the birth of his baldness. Outgrowth were mere bumps back then, all crackled and black as some recent burns. Did you know horns are usually made of coagulated hairs?

My big brother, he was…

I know Jared Leto’s Morbius is coming out, but did you know it was part of a deal Marvel signed in 2000?

In August 1940, Theodore Sturgeon released It, a short story about a family of farmer having to fight off a human/plant hybrid. This short story, and its swayed prose, would spawn a bunch of such mutant throughout American comics book history but it would be in 1971 that the real…

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