Did you know there existed a movie named Cthulhu released in 2008?

A man on a beach facing a cage full of naked people.

It’s amazing a movie called Cthulhu garnered such little attention. In all fairness, the cephalopod headed creature from Lovecraft’s imagination probably is his most renowned creature. So much so that it is even featured in the credit of the Rick & Morty cartoon. But if you were to ask most…

Ever heard of this French found footage shot in the snowy Alps?

Blurry shot of a woman screaming amongst a bunch of people.
Still from the movie

This French Fright wasn’t planned and yet it’ll definitely be a nice follow up to the last one, which was about Lost Bullet. There are at least five wild movies being made in France each year. What producers call a wild movie is a guerilla one, a full-length feature shot…

This a stupid piece, a light piece I wrote a while ago. Might fit the holiday spirit.

Let it be said that I don’t believe in coincidence.

But still, I could tell you a few stories, things that happened.

I once buried a friend. She died far away from us, this meaning my group of friends. She died in a distant city. This girl, she passed away…

Did you know that Gareth Evans isn’t the sole British filmmaker to have moved to Asia in order to fulfill his dream?

A possessed girl with yellow eyes is breathing down the neck of a scared girl. Reminiscent of Alien.

Right now, if I were to ask you about a filmmaker from the United-Kingdom moving to Asia in order to make a movie, most of you would point toward Gareth Evans. …

What happens when a French filmmaker sells an actioner to Netflix?

A red car adorned with a custom hood is seen being curshed by two police cars. Alban Lenoir is driving.

In every interview I read, Guillaume Pierret always states the same thing: Lost Bullet, the Netflix French actionner was a three-man job. Him, his producer Remi and Alban Lenoir. It’s fairly rare, in France, to have an actor credited as an artistic coordinator, yet Alban is in this precise movie…

I’m sure you have your own ideas about justice through the Dark Ages. Still, they may be false.

Street is crowded. It smells. Wherever you’d look, there be beggars. Stone walls, stalls made of wood, almost rotten food. Ground sticks on your feet every step you take. To your right, a child, he seems famished. You see his tiny hands rising from his green clothes, too large for…

For October 2021, Villimey Mist posted a list of captions for everyone to write a microfiction per day. Here are mines

Photo Courtesy of Martin Vorel


Flesh was cut clean at the wrist, as by some invisible razorblade. It didn’t hurt, didn’t bleed. The bones and the tissue seemed plastic if you tried to felt it. Of course everyone yelled. Witnessing their hands as bloated spiders continuing the ritual.


They’d lift the cover of…

Basile Lebret

I write about the history of artmaking, I don’t do reviews.

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