Here’s the thing though.

I read somewhere that veterans from WWII were the ones who formed the first bike club. They came back to the US, their pockets full of PTSD and Nazi memorabilia.

This is how we got the iron cross and Nazi imagery to intertwine with the rock and then metal fashion. How a symbol of a glorious past turned, through the passing of time, into the counterculture fashion of Nazi-chic.

Here’s the trick, tho, thank to this said imagery persisted. Since time never stops, it was bound to, after 2 or 3 generation, loose it’s image of warprizes and turn into what it had always been, artefacts to the glory of far-rightist movement.

People tend to forget. Even more so if we talk of event which took place a century or so ago.

As Holocaust survivor will either away, there’ll be more and more people wondering if those concentration camp story were true.

Yet the artefact will survive. Aboy will grow with them, linking them to the sight of his mnly-man of a father. This boy’ll from to glorify them, tho greatgrandad had to fight the fucker 100 years ago.

This is were we stand, with third generation ignorant folk parading with the memorabilia their grandaddy or great-grandfather fought and died fighting against on the other side of the Atlantic.

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