Was searching for writing prompts on Twitter when I stumbled upon this TL asking to write about a mutant creature.

Courtesy of Martin Vorel

Denis didn’t want to come in the first place. For one, he disliked nature. And he despised walking. Second, he never saw the interest that could be found in killing animals. Sure, he would eat some, from time to time but in a society of mass consumption, slaughtering mammals by the thousands every single day, he always thought of hunting as piling up corpses on an already indomitable mount.

Yet, to Sylvie, this was tradition. Each year, on the 26th of December, she would go hunting alongside her dad and two brothers. Sylvie was the handy one of the item they formed with Denis, so the boyfriend was sure she could have gone without him. But missing on a single year got him enough jokes and mockery from his in-laws, for him to come back. Pressure through comedy. How nice.

First, the thirty-something had to listen to the family’s folk songs and heavy guitar riffs. Then they’d got deep into the woods and used their beast calls while the siblings got red with the efforts. Eventually, they would catch an deer. Well, they often times got one.

Through this ordeal, Denis had begun to think that Sylvie’s father used to pay someone to set up a damn beast in a random spot on their path. The city boy he was could not fathom the luck they seemed to have had in the past.

And this precise Xmas hunt he was living through? It hinted at him being on the right track. For Sylvie’s genitor could not make it since he was bed ridden with CoVid-19, yet even though the four of them have walked miles on end there was no Cervidae in sight. Denis was beginning to get frustrated and, even his impending holiday blowjob couldn’t stop the fumes.

Clovis and Sacha screaming at one another didn’t help either, nor Sylvie’s hand which was cold and somehow still wet, while she clutched his. Truth was, how were they meant to bring back anything for the family dinner if those two idiots didn’t stop yelling? This BJ had better be good.

“We shoulda take West I told ya!” Yelled Sacha.

“No surprise we find no dang beast with you yelling like a schoolgirl in a Bieber concert!”

“Fuck you!”

“Same you, pal. Same you.”

“This what this leads to? What with Mom always saying you’re the brightest of the bunch.”

“Maybe I am the b…”

Clovis never finished his sentence. Denis thought the lack of an ending meant his brother-in-law had finally caught sight of a beast. Slowly, the boyfriend raised his head, saw Clovis’ missing his.

“Fuck me.”

Sacha yelled; Sylvie yelled. Hell, even Denis yelled as a geyser of blood sprout twice from the opened neck before the body tumbled and fell. Sacha tried to put some cartridges in his rifle when his legs got swooped from under him. He disappeared under the fern blanket.

Denis turned around, dragging his girlfriend until his mate’s hand left his. The man stopped as quickly as his speed allowed him to. When he turned around, he first saw Sylvie, kneeling in her orange attire. The background was black and white and fuzzy. Beast was so big it made the whole world disappear.


The detonation shattered the silence of the forest, making branches drop avalanche of snow all around. A bud of haemoglobin stemmed upon the gigantic fox. For Denis thought this what the creature was, although looking at it for too long printed in your mind pictures of a scarab adorning headlights.

The creature dropped to the floor with the power of an orca grounding itself in order to eat seals.

It did not hurt.

When the entity’s jaws clapped around his ankle, it didn’t hurt. Even when he got swooped, Denis would not say he felt pain. That’s when he noticed his basket still stuck in the beast’s jaws.

Denis screamed, fumbled while trying to assert a firm grip on his sole remaining feet. Boyfriend didn’t really hear the second gunshot. Through the tears and the snot, he somehow noticed a rose of blood sprouting onto the monster’s left butt cheek.

It still made no sound. Although the now handicapped man saw the canine tilt its head upward and yell and howl as if it was a wolf. In pain.


Third shot turned the beast muzzle into a firework of cranium bones and flesh and yellowed teeth. Denis suddenly felt the pressure of his girlfriend’s hand upon his shoulder. He jumped, still crying.

“It killed Sacha,” were Sylvie’s first words while she strapped her rifle to her back and hugged her lover. Soon, she was encasing the frozen bleeding leg in her sweater. Denis thought for an instant that she would freeze to death but then he saw it, from over her shoulder.

On the blood tainted snow, the beast skull was reforming itself.

Stay tuned for next week we’ll talk about Jules Vernes and how he invented Scooby-doo!

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