I totally get you. While I tend to be lenient with writers’ prejudice s, I also find it annoying to have read 100+ pages of a book, only to stumble upon pages and pages bashing Africans (This is true a example by the way). But I’m white, I may disagree with this but I won’t feel hurt, at least most of the time.

I know some might share this point if view with me, while for others this would obviously be the end of the adventure. I get both point of view

Jean Ray could write pages upon pages on why Jews weren’t good, while Lovecraft may have done the same thing every once in a while.

I won’t condemn them, they were who they were, we can’t change that now, and there is no use claiming dead folks. Better to know who they really were.

Still, what I find distressing, and I touch on it on my piece on German Horror, is that, in a modern setting, a lot of editors just don’t talk about it. Its either they just publish a thing but never address the obvious problems, or they tend to just never publish anything from said authors. I really dislike both approach, we should publish important author ( I mean we Do) even though they were racist, but a trigger warning, a foreword addressing those problems would go a long way. At least in my opinion.

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