People not knowing about French genre movies is partly why I began this series. I always thought, if I were to begin writing on Medium I would have to talk about French horror/SciFi. I know most people don’t know about it, even I lack some knowledge don’t his precise subject but, hey, we can grow as a group right?

As for Kremer’s antisemitism, I can’t be witnessed in this movie, neither in the book. Still, much like Lovecraft’s racism (and yeah, I know, her was antisemitic too) I definitely think that it shall be noted. Even more so because some food of his short stories are actually tainted by it.

In France, (white) people tend to not dwell on this any farther, much like they prefer not to dwelve on Celine’s racism.

Me as I said, I can read racist book, truth is I actually read a few. Wether someone is able to enjoy a racist’s work when he isn’t speaking about race is really not my concern. Everyone shall do as they please. Still this can’t be ignored and people have to know to make educated guess.

Reading through one of LOuis Ferdinand Celine’s book, only to feel insulted a black person once you hit the page 140 is something I wish on nobody. Hence my little Trigger warnings.

(You should have read the piece on German Horror, this was tough, some text were so full or ordinary racism, past ordinary racism I shall say, I struggled a bit to finish the damn thing…)

Anyway, thanks for the like and the comment Renee, really.

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