Thanks for the read! I mean it it was a pretty comprehensive guide so thanks.

Lots of film I should watch there, and it's always good to stumble upon another horror fiend at Medium.

Still, on the subject, I think Mike Mendez's first movie Real killers (which can be found here: ) could have made the list, for a gender reveal scene which happens midway through it.

Also, and no, this one doesn't have an explicitly trans character, it's more along the line of werewolf/queerness, well let's just say it shall be watched but did you see Till Kleimert's Der Samurai?

(On a side-note, I also think the Howling franchise may have some trans characters but I'm not sure since I never watched any of it.)

Anyway once again my thanks, and I definitely think you gained one follower today.

Releasing a paper every Friday.

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