Yeah, I've seen it and while I really do like Robert Egger's work, to me this was an artsy Wake in Fright. Thins is, I always thought of the Ted Kotcheff's flick as some kind of milestone. I've seen it in a little theater, totally unknowing of both the plot and any review there ever was. I like how the conumption of alcohol takes the chracter into more and more obscene situation, but I think the Australian movie has for itself that it is a social piece.

As one of my friend said, coming out of the theater: "I heard of Australian town rioting because of lack of alcohol." Wake in Fright is a legitimately scary film.

If you ever saw it, you'll find a lot of it in Eggers' last movie. And I mean, sure Eggers shot those beautiful shot on real film, everything's black and white, the format 1:19:1 just to be in line with movies standard at the time. There's a fez really beautful shots, some are taken from Grémillon's work, I can assure you, and if you watch the Making of The Lighthouse on Youtube you'll see that as is usual in Eggers' work a lot of attention has been put into almost everything.

Truth is, both Pattison and Dafoe are amazing, and the director should genuinely feel lucky to have them, for they are the ones onto which shoulders everything resides. The movie only sets their descent into madness. Throughout it, you will cry, you be amazed an you will laugh. I mean, the movie is actually pretty good at everything it's attempting to do.

Still, as a firm lover of Waking Fright, I had to leave the theater with all of my friends exhilarated while I was brooding on the fact that if it wasn't for the setting, I had already seen this whole movie, and it scared me more the last time.

I know this is long. Hope it answers your question but TLDR: You should watch it anyway, it's Robert Eggers and A24 for God's sake!

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